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Bestchoice Group of Companies was established in 1994 by Mr. Jeffrey Duran. It is comprised of assimilated corporations, primarily engaged in the trade, manufacturing, and distribution of almost all known disposable items, cleaning tools and solutions, baking supplies, and medical supplies. Each integrated company under Bestchoice Group of Companies has its own brands and product. Bestchoice integrated companies deal with all types of industries - from retail to supermarkets to dealers. Bestchoice is the major supplier of disposable items to hotels and restaurants in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Bestchoice Group of Companies never ceases to innovate, develop and customize products for all its clients.



To be the trusted, top provider and foremost choice of brand for all disposable items, cleaning tools and solutions, medical supplies, and related equipment across all industries and to all consumers worldwide.


Who We Are:
Best Choice Group of Companies offers and delivers the finest products to all its customers - all tailored fit and made specific to each customer's needs. From world-leader enterprises to consumer-end solutions, Bestchoice ensures that every customer is provided with the most reliable and cost-efficient products for over twenty-five (25) years now.

Who We Cater To:
Bestchoice caters to almost all types of industries from retail, supermarkets, dealers, and end-users.


What We Offer:
Almost all disposable items, cleaning materials and related equipment.


How We Deliver Value:
Our products are environmentally friendly and affordable.


What Makes Us Different:
We offer the best products in the market which are environment-friendly, durable, and cost-efficient disposable items.